Creating a Color Scheme

Are you looking to redecorate or going to paint a room? Need help picking a color? Here is some advice to help you! To start I would recommend to use the color you wear most? You must love that color, start your color scheme there. Whether it's for the color of the wall or an accent color, I would use your favorite color in your life! Mine is blue! Now that you have decided on one color you love, what combinations are you going to pick to go with it? Let me show you some examples with the color blue. Monochromatic, Complimentary. Analogous, Triad.

Monochromatic Color Scheme Below 
Monochromatic colors are all the colors (tints, tones, and shades) of a single hue. Below is the example of Blue.

Blue-and-white living room

Complimentary Color Scheme Below 
Complimentary colors are pairs of colors that are of 
“opposite” hue on the color wheel. 
Blue's complimentary color is Orange

Analogous Color Scheme Below. Analogous colors are groups of colors that are 
adjacent to each other on the color wheel. Teal Blue is beside Green & Green Yellow.

Triad Color Scheme Below 
The Triad color scheme uses three colors equally distant 
from each other on the color wheel. Blue, Red, & Yellow.


What do you think? What color scheme would you go for?
Monochromatic, Complimentary, Triad, or Analogous? 
The pillows are all from a great website I found called;

 Another great way to create a color scheme is start with a fabric. This website has a huge selection. 
If you need further help or have any questions with your color scheme, feel free to email me! 

Have Fun!
Kathleen :)