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5 Home Staging Tips!
1. De-personalize.
When I say depersonalize I don’t mean to the point to where the home looks untouched. You basically want to remove that “lived-in” feeling from your home. Yes, you want to remove family photos, but no, you don’t have to remove every single photo! A good idea is to replace family photos with scenic greeting cards.
2. Less is more.
Seriously. This is my motto! The goal of staging your home should be to showcase your beautiful HOME not the beautiful items in your home!! If there is anything that you think could be a possible distraction, take it out! A rule of thumb for closets and bookshelves is to take out 1/3-1/2 of the items. (A storage unit is a great option while the home is on the market.)
3. Add living elements.
Fresh flowers and plants are great, inexpensive ways to brighten up any space! Add fresh flowers to your console table in the entry and an orchid to the master bathroom. There are so many indoor plants that will make a huge difference, especially in a small space. Another idea is to add a bowl of lemons (or any bright fruit) to your kitchen or dining table.
4. Add new throw pillows and fresh towels.
New throw pillows can instantly transform a living room. Home Goods always has a great, inexpensive selection too! Change out any worn pillows for new pillows that compliment the season. Fresh, plush towels are also a must for the bathroom. Always stick with white. It will instantly give that spa feel!
5. Clean!
While this might not be a “secret”, most people need to be reminded! When I say clean, I mean scrub!! Have your floors professionally cleaned, touch up any paint, clean windows, DEEP clean bathrooms and kitchen, etc. Also, make any necessary repairs to the home. If a buyer sees minor damage that has not been repaired, they will automatically rethink the condition of the home

On today's blog are some great ideas for home staging, 
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Real Estate Staging Service will bring a fresh look to your home, making it the best it can be.  I can creatively transform your space with your existing furnishings. Service is designed to create the most favorable first impression to prospective buyers.  Remember, the way you live in your home and the way you market & sell your house are two different things. Your home has to become a product. It can be difficult to think of a home as a mere product, but it helps to do this in order to get top dollar and sell it in a reasonable amount of time. 

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